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The New Galactic Republic

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

8:01AM - Another Cloudy Morning...

Woke up early this morning due to another wonderful Coruscantian rain storm. I thought the apartment was exploding. That's how close it was.

I almost walked down the hall to Han's but thought suffering through the noise was better than being called a coward by my lover...

All's well on the Republic front. A few imperial uprisings here and there but nothing too horrendous.


I wish I got more sleep last night. I was up at least an hour through all that racket. At least I only have half a day today. I'll be home by 1200. I'll be doing paper work, but at least I won't be at work. That I'm thankful of.

I remembered something the other day (something that you might find interesting, Luke). I think my Father (Bail Organa, NOT Vader) accidentally slipped one day about me being a twin. I'm sure he knew. I just have this feeling that he even knew both of my parents. One day while I was in my room playing with dolls, (hey, I was ten) He came in, saw one of my imaginative shows going on and said, "I wonder if he's anything like you..." I asked what he meant, and for the first time in my life, I saw a little bit of panic on his face. He just smiled and said he was wondering about one of my cousins. I couldn't shake the doubt I had about that, but I forgot about it. I knew I'd been adopted. He told me when I was probably too young to understand what that meant, but he was honest with me. Always. And if he ever kept anything from me it was for my safty.

I think I sensed it then. For a brief moment, I think the Force was trying to tell me something, but for whatever reason, (most likely for my own safty) I ignored it. At the time, that was probably a good move.

That's all for now. Off to work...

Meeting with Mon Mothma and Riekan. Wooo hoo...

Current mood: curious

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

2:50PM - Hmm...I wonder...

Sorry I haven't been able to charm you with my 'Solo Diatribes'

I've been very busy...when I'm not its usually Tira...getting her beauty sleep...and sometimes being dragged out of bed...by her dear princess for double dates...or just girl time...and helping Luke out when needed...

The two of us are developing quite a friendship...I'm glad...I love making him blush...it makes me smile. If thats not a common Solo trait I don't know what is...

One question has been bothering me to no end...Exactly how do Wookiees do 'it'?

Since they're basically moving carpets would they be called 'carpet-munchers'?

Now don't get me wrong I love Wookiees just as much as any other person would so being 'racial' is not my intention here...I'm curious...

Current mood: bouncy

2:21PM - This is Luke Skywalker

Note to all of Rogue Squadron:

Stop teasing Wes. I cought him trying to lock himself in his closet... Funny thing is, the door doesn't lock...

Moving on...

All's well.

Han and Leia are bickering, Chewie's muttering about something, and I'm... Well, I'm beginning to like the idea of Jedi Seclusion.

Of course, without moment's like these, would the galaxy really be normal?
Something has to keep the balance, right? Rebellion vs. Empire, Han vs. Leia; it's all the same if you think about it...

Maybe I'm thinking to much about this.

::Hears loud crash coming from kitchenett::

"Why, you bantha-brained, nerfherding, son-of-a-sith!"

"Look who's talkin', your worshipfulness!!"

I'm leaving now.
Don't know where I'm going. But I hope it's safe, and quiet.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

10:30PM - Because it's been awhile...

To make a long story short, Han got back a few weeks ago and came down with a nasty flu. He was bedridden for days. So, I, being the sweet girlfriend I am waited on him hand and foot. He's better now, but something tells me he still wants to be babied.

To bad.

See this Solo? ::rubs fingers together:: This is the smallest viol in the world mourning your displeasure.

Moving on...
Things are a little less crazy.

Luke has been hanging around more. This is good. I was starting to miss my brother.

I miss Tira. We haven't seen much of each other in a couple of weeks. ::pouts::
I need female bonding time!

Current mood: curious

Thursday, September 1, 2005

12:18PM - Well, this is fun....

So I try to set a journal up, and for some reason, the high council has changed the rules. Leia's talking to them right now trying to figure out why I can't create my own journal.
So, I, Luke Skywalker, will have to highjack Leia's journal to make my entries.

Last night was interesting. I was out with Wedge, and Leia Comm's me. So I go to Wing Commander Luminos' quarters. She and Leia are watching some Holovid.

Am I crazy or do I get the feeling that Tira was hitting on me?

::eyes go wide::

Nah. I'm probably just being stupid.


Or hopeful.

Current mood: embarrassed

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Well, Han left today.

I feel lonely.

Luke's off with Wedge, and here I sit all alone in my quarters.


And the Nerfherder didn't even contact me.


Oh well. At least I have the highly entertaining activity of proofreading Alliance speeches... ::groan::

Being a politician is highly overrated...


::Throws datapad at wall::
Okay. I'm tired of this.

::Storms off to find something more interesting to do::

It's moments like these that make me wonder, why don't I just turn to the dark side already?

::looks perplexed::

Current mood: Dark Side-ish

Monday, August 29, 2005

10:10PM - After much contemplation...

I have thought a lot lately on my current problem and have decided to solve it at last...

I know its been a long while since all of the problems between us surfaced...my biggest mistake was running away...running away from you and the rest of the family...I don't care if you like me, or if your dissapointed, or if you will ever forgive me...but it has to be said.

Han Solo...I'm your sister...thats why I was so familiar to you the first time we met. I've been watching you from the shadows for the last two years...I figured now is the time to come out of hiding...

Current mood: worried

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

12:20PM - So...

We've been back a few days now.

Okay. So we've been back a week...

It's not my fault.

Leia's busy. Really busy.

I've been working ten hours a day making improvements to the Falcon. I stay at my apartment now, since Leia usually gets home at ungodly hours. She needs her rest.

And I have a mission that's going to mighty lengthy comming up.


Will someone remind me why I signed up for this again?



Why is there always a girl involved?

::scrunches up face::

Friday, August 5, 2005

1:52PM - Blowing this popsicle stand...

Leia and I are off, as of tomorrow. She has a meeting in the morning, and then we're outta here.

The 'Falcon's ready to go. I just gotta make sure Leia has all of her things packed by this evening.

I'm not waiting around for her for an hour like last time...

And, Sweetheart? Who was that officer I saw you chatting with earlier? She reminds me of someone back home on Corellia...

Probably just looked like her in profile...

1:51PM - Whatever shall I do...

I am still contemplating our conversation last night Your Highness...I still haven't figured out what to do about him...

I'd like to approach him, but I'm nervous...It feels like it has been a millenia since we have actually been together.  What if he doesn't approve of me? What if he doesn't even remember me? I don't believe I can handle being rejected by him.  Not now...

Whatever shall I do...

Current mood: confused

Monday, July 25, 2005

10:39AM - Bordom Strikes Again

I have a meeting at 1300. It will be a long one.


I think my place in the senate is killing my relationship with Han. I'm in delegations at strange hours, which means I get home very late, and we all know how much Han likes his sleep.

I feel like resigning. At least for the time being... Or until I get things settled with the remaining members of the Alderaanian council this fall. That'll really take up my time.

Well, that'll keep me debating with myself for the next few weeks.

Luke wants to spend some quality "sibling-time" with me this week or next. That should be fun and entertaining. I do miss my brother. I hardly see him except for at group functions.

I'm taking Han on vacation to Corellia. Trust me, it's a much needed one for both of us.

Current mood: cranky

Thursday, July 21, 2005

11:19PM - Whoops...

So I got home a little late for dinner...

Sue me.

Leia wasn't so mad after I explained to her that my comlink is on the fritz again...


Got a new motivator for my baby. Cost me plenty of credits, too but I guess it pays to be a general...

::Stretches hands behind head:: Shouldn't be anymore problems.

So, I'm at my place tonight. Leia's up doing paperwork. I figured I'd better get out of her way. She get's pissy when I hover over her when she's trying to get work done.

I'll probably go back over to her place later on to make sure she goes to bed. She forgets to sleep.

And eat.

And keep herself hydrated.

Thank the Force I'm around to look after her.


5:18PM - ::Groan::

I was at a meeting all morning...

It was unplanned, of course. The long ones usually are. ::sigh::. That's what bothers me most about my job. I never know when an unexpected meeting will come up.

Oh well.

Han should be here any minute. He purchased a new hyperdrive motivator for the Falcon. I'm taking him to dinner to celebrate. Funny how we spend large amounts of money after spending even larger amounts of money.

I have yet to hear the Falcon land. I wonder where my nerf herder is...?


I know. I'm pathetic.

He'd better come home. If he forgets, I'll threaten him with my brother's lightsaber.

Current mood: enthralled